Our Custom Made Furniture Process

Our Custom Made Furniture Process


Ever wondered what goes into a custom made furniture piece? While deliberating between design options can be tricky, the entire process is much simpler than you might imagine. Here at Buywood, our timber craftsmen walk you through every step
of the journey.


Initial Consultation

To start the process of bringing your envisioned piece of furniture to life, we’ll begin with an initial consultation to discuss what you’re imagining. This can be done in person or over the phone.

Whether you have detailed sketches already mapped out, or a rough idea in your head, our craftsmen love collaborating with clients to make something truly unique.


Confirmation of Design Specifications

Once we know what we’re building for you, our craftsmen will ask you for decisions on size, timber type and finishes. We’re more than happy to assist with making these decisions – so if you have a particular style you’re aiming for, show us photos and
we’ll give you pointers on how to achieve that.

Because of the expertise of our timber craftsmen, our custom made furniture can be built to any specifications you require.


We Start Building

After we’ve received confirmation on design specifications, we’ll begin the building process. This can take any number of weeks depending on the size and complexity of the piece we’re building, but our craftsmen will give you an estimate before we begin construction.

Once the build is underway, you’re more than welcome to schedule an appointment to see the progress of your furniture in person at our Brisbane workshop. We love being able to involve our clients in every aspect of the creation of their furniture pieces.

Whether you’re having a dining table, kitchen bench, armchair or bed made, our craftsmen will use traditional joinery techniques to make sure your custom made furniture stands the test of time. Then, your piece will be hand polished to ensure it is completed to perfection.


Delivery and Installation

The final step of our custom made furniture process is delivery and installation. For pieces that require assembly or custom installation, like a bathroom vanity or benchtop, members of our team will see the installation process through to completion.

We now offer delivery across Australia for custom furniture pieces. To enquire about delivery options and costs, please get in touch with our team.