The Ultimate Guide to Australian Timbers

The Ultimate Guide to Australian Timbers


When it comes to choosing Australian timbers for your benchtop or next piece of furniture, there are many things to consider. This might include colour and grain, where and what you'll be using the item for, as well as the availability of the timber.  You may wish to consider using recycled timber too, which is incredibly sustainable and can be a great talking piece.

If you need some help making a decision, our ultimate guide to Australian timbers should be your starting point.


This Australian timber is a hard wood that grows in South Australia, some of the wetter areas of Tasmania, and the Eastern states.

Blackwood is an Acacia species with a heartwood (that is the inner rings of the tree) that is a deep, golden brown, with a sapwood (the outer rings) that is much paler. On occasion, the heartwood will have red or chocolate brown growth rings.

It has a medium and even texture which can be polished and smoothed making it a popular choice for furniture, musical instruments and boats. Check out our Blackwood Wardrobe, and our Kulig shelves.

It's an ideal timber for most projects indoors, however it has a low in-ground durability that makes it not an ideal choice for external applications.


Blackbutt is a hardwood Australian timber. The species itself is considered one of six forest giants in Southwest Australia, with the Blackbutt name coming from the dark colour of the trunk, which was typically a result of darkening by bushfire.

It is a strong, durable and very versatile Australian timber. It is often used for a range of structural, exterior and interior applications including decking, flooring and poles, and is ideal for large benchtops. We also used recycled Blackbutt for this lovely credenza.

The timber has a fairly uniform, moderately course texture, with the heartwood ranging from golden yellow to pale brown, with occasional pink tinges.

Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum is arguably one of our favourite Australian Timbers. It is found in Coastal regions of the East Coast, from New South Wales to Maryborough, Queensland.

It is a premium hardwood with a striking appearance. This is due to the occurrence of a wavy grain, which, when present, can produce stunning patterns (fiddleback figure). With a heartwood ranging from light brown through to dark red-brown hues, and a white to light brown sapwood, it does differ greatly in colour but not durability.

It is commonly used for framework, walls, and decking, as well as sporting equipment like baseball bats and diving boards. We have loved using it for benchtops as well as this Australian Spotted Gum Timber Bathroom Vanity and made-to-order Headmaster's Desk.

Tasmanian Oak

This Australian timber grows in the mountainous areas of Tasmania. It is a premium hardwood that often has visible growth rings, with pale brown to white-brown heartwood that often encompasses some pinkish tints. The sapwood will commonly be the same colour.

As far as Australian timbers go, Tasmanian oak is often the preferred hardwood for many projects because it is dense and durable, stains well, and produces an excellent finish. It's a popular choice for many forms of construction, as well as flooring and is a lovely choice at Buywood for sideboards and coffee tables.

WA Jarrah

As its name suggests, this Australian timber grows in aluminium and iron-rich plains of Western Australia. A unique and versatile hardwood, Jarrah tends to reflect the hues of the Western Australian landscape. It's also incredibly resistant to bushfires, the weather, rot and termites, making it an exceptional choice for outdoor uses. The heartwood tends to be red to red-brown, with the sapwood ranging from yellow in colour to orange.

There can be a slightly wavy, interlocked grain appearance creating an attractive fiddle-back figure (pattern).

It is used in flooring, parquetry, and a number of furniture items like our Boyd bed.

Keen to find out more about our Australian timbers?

We can work with a range of sustainably-sourced, premium Australian, imported and recycled timbers of your choosing, across projects including coffee tables, dining tables, chairs and much more. To view the timbers, or find out which timber will best suit your project, visit our Alderley showroom, or contact the Buywood Team.