Timber Bookshelves Brisbane – Our Best Sellers

Timber Bookshelves Brisbane – Our Best Sellers


If there’s one thing that makes a house a home, it would have to be a bookshelf full of well-read books. And while we love stocking our shelves with as many novels as possible, we also love the versatility of bookshelves as places to showcase décor items, family photos and everything else we hold near and dear. These are our best selling timber bookshelves – all handmade in our Brisbane workshop.


Honeycomb Bookshelves

Inspired by the intricate shapes of honeycomb, these unique and diverse shelves offer just as much visual intrigue as they do functionality. The example shown is made from solid messmate timber and features spaces with varying angles and space. If you have particular décor items in mind that you’d like to feature in these shelves, custom honeycomb bookshelves can be made to your requirements.


Blade Shelves

Smooth and timeless, the Blade shelves are the perfect addition to any space. Crafted from quality hardwood timber, using traditional joinery techniques and hand polished to perfection, the Blade shelves will stand tall for years to come. Like all of our pieces, this individual style is proudly designed and made by our expert timber craftsmen.


Spotted Gum Timber Display Cabinet

Showcase books and other precious collectables in this beautiful timber cabinet. Made with adjustable shelves to allow for freedom to easily display what you wish, and with drawer and cupboard storage, this is the perfect piece to organise life’s treasures. This cabinet can be built-in, or made to stand freely.


Honeycomb Wine Rack

Although not originally designed as a bookshelf, the honeycomb wine rack is a great storage option for small spaces. The dimensions of this narrow, low-shelving unit can be adjusted to fit into your hallway, apartment living room, or wherever else you might need it.


Enquire About Timber Bookshelves Brisbane

While the above bookshelves can all be purchased as they are, our team of timber craftsmen can also customise any of our designs to fit your size and timber requirements. Our workshop and showroom is based in Brisbane, with delivery across Australia available. Contact our team to find out more details about commissioning custom timber bookshelves for your home.