How to Style Molmic Furniture Like the Pros

How to Style Molmic Furniture Like the Pros


Thinking of investing in one of our gorgeous Molmic lounges? Molmic furniture is handcrafted in Australia by dedicated craftsmen who are committed to the quality of their work. A Molmic furniture piece deserves to be styled to the same quality of which it’s made, so we’ve written up a list of interior styling tips on how to dress it up.


Mix and Match Cushions

While Molmic lounges are absolutely beautiful, nobody likes to see a lounge completely bare – regardless of its quality. Cushions make a lounge look homey and inviting, so add a handful of cushions you really love.

Try to incorporate different textures and colours here, but put some thought into combinations that complement each other. We’ve written a whole article on how to make your home interiors look cohesive, which gives helpful tips on picking a theme
and working with colour palettes.


Add a Throw

Once you’ve added three or four cushions to your Molmic sofa, consider adding a throw. This should complement the fabric and colour of your lounge, without stealing the show. Drape it over one side of your new lounge, or on top of the chaise to make your sofa look comfortable and relaxed.


Complementary Décor

If you’ve added cushions and a throw, but your lounge still looks like it has something missing – this might be due to its surrounds. If your lounge is pressed up against a blank wall, no amount of throws and cushions will make the space look complete.

That being said, if you add a large piece of artwork above the lounge, you’ll be one step closer to a finished room. And placing a tall potted plant or side table with a lamp next to the couch will also have the same effect. Insider tip: adding décor with height will make the space look larger.


Choose the Right Molmic Furniture

While it’s difficult to go wrong when choosing Molmic furniture, it’s important to choose one that integrates well with its surroundings. Momic furniture can be made in a number of fabrics and colours, so make sure you spend some time thinking
about existing décor you need to match your lounge with.

If you would like advice on which of our Molmic furniture pieces to choose, bring in photos of your lounge room, or pieces of artwork and décor you’d like to work around, and our furniture experts can give you pointers. Stop by our Brisbane
furniture showroom or get in touch with our team to find out more about our Molmic collection.