Selecting the Right Dining Furniture

Selecting the Right Dining Furniture


The place where meals are shared, birthdays are celebrated and homework is completed, your dining furniture is likely to be the focal point of your living space.  With this in mind, selecting the right dining furniture that both meets your needs and fits in with the style of your home is an important decision. Here we share some advice on selecting such pivotal pieces of furniture.


Choosing Your Timber

Choosing a timber that will complement your existing furniture and the style of your home is an essential when purchasing dining furniture.  For a modern, Scandinavian style, Australian Blackbutt timber is popular for it’s cream to pale brown colour. This is a durable timber which can be seen here in our Corang table. An Australian timber with a more traditional look can be found in Jarrah timber, which is characterized by it’s deep reddish-brown colour.

To match the classic French countryside style of interiors, French oak is a perfect fit. French oak often has a soft grey colour and works wonderfully in pieces of furniture with ornate finishings. Our Burbank table is a great example of this. When deciding on a timber, it’s worth noting that the Buywood team can create any of our pieces in the timber of your choosing.


Will You Need an Extension Table?

If you’re likely to have more guests than a standard dining table can fit quite often, you may like to consider an extension table. However, it’s important that the extension table you choose is functional and easy to use without compromising its aesthetic appeal.

Our most popular style of extension table is the Forbes table which features a folded leaf at either end of the table that can be pulled out to reveal an almost seamless extension to a beautiful dining table. If you’re looking for a circular dining table, our Burke table can also be designed with extension functionality for more versatile living.


Will You Need Something Custom Made?

The decision to have your furniture custom designed or made is entirely dependent on what you need in dining furniture. If you need your dining chairs to be upholstered with fabric that matches your couch or curtains, then having your chairs custom made would be a wonderful way to create a cohesive living space. Perhaps you require dining tables and chairs that match an antique piece of timber furniture you treasure. Or maybe you just have a very specific image in your mind of the type of furniture you need, and you’d like to collaborate with furniture makers to design this exact piece. Whatever you may need, Lee Kenny and the Buywood team are happy to actualise your ideas with a custom piece of furniture.


Pairing Dining Tables and Chairs

There are no set rules for pairing dining tables with chairs, and sometimes you’ll be surprised by what combinations look the best. Matching timber types and colours will provide a very polished, formal look whereas mixing timbers will give your space a more casual, chic appearance.  Another option is to pair opposing styles, such as contemporary pieces with rustic ones.

The choices are endless, but one recommendation we have for making sure you’re happy with the outcome is to go to a furniture showroom and test these combinations in person. Visualising what two pieces will look like together is great, but won’t compare to actually seeing the combinations in real life.


Want to Discuss Your Future Dining Furniture?

If you’d like to have a chat with a furniture design professional at an award winning custom furniture store, we’d love to talk to you about the types of pieces you’re after. Give us a call on (07) 3352 3485 or email Otherwise, have a look at some of the pieces we offer at our Alderly showroom.