The Pros and Cons of Different Kitchen Benchtops Brisbane

The Pros and Cons of Different Kitchen Benchtops Brisbane


Kitchen benchtops are one of the most expensive aspects of a home renovation, making the choice of which material to use fairly high-stakes. And with so much time spent in the kitchen each day, it’s important to find a benchtop material you’ll love for years to come. Here’s a little advice from our furniture experts on making the right decision.



Stone is arguably the most popular choice when it comes to kitchen benchtop materials, but it comes with a hefty price tag. While natural stone oozes style and sophistication, it can accrue a price of up to $2,500, making its accessibility limited. Engineered stone is much more affordable, but likely won’t have as much character as the real thing. That being said, engineered stone does offer a lot more versatility in size, shape and colour.



Concrete is rumoured to be the next big thing in benchtop materials. It looks sleek and elegant, and it’s surprisingly much more affordable than natural concrete. The thing to worry about with concrete is its porosity. If dark liquids like red wine or coffee are spilt and not cleaned up immediately, they might permanently stain your new benchtop. And while concrete has an extremely long lifespan, it’s prone to cracking and chipping.

If you’re looking to invest in a concrete benchtop, our advice would be to have it properly polished and sealed before installation to make it more hardwearing.


Stainless Steel

Thanks to the rise of industrial interiors, we’ve seen plenty of stainless steel benchtops in recent years. This is the most low-maintenance option out of all bechtop materials, which is why stainless steel is traditionally used in commercial kitchens. Stainless steel is highly durable and stain proof, but it may scratch and it will definitely show fingerprints. If you think marks like these will bother you, opt for a brushed steel finish.



The most cost-effective material on the market, laminate benchtops are used widely across Australia. Available in a variety of colours, patterns, textures and cuts, laminate materials offer the most versatility to kitchen renovators.

We’ve seen vast improvements in the ability of laminate to successfully mimic expensive materials. So, if you’re willing to do your research into the best laminate options on the market, you could end up with a convincing result for a considerably lower price.



Clearly, as members of the Buywood Furniture team, our opinion is biased. That being said, timber is a brilliant kitchen benchtop material. It’s far less expensive than natural stone, but provides just as much character and timelessness. Amongst the increasingly popular white, minimalist interiors we’re seeing in homes, timber offers a much-needed hint of natural warmth.

Using reclaimed timber is an environmentally friendly and affordable choice. And with a skilled craftsman by your side, you can have your pick of cut, colour, veneer and finish. Hardwood timber is incredibly durable, an ideal surface for meal preparation and easily repaired if chips or blemished do occur.


Custom Timber Kitchen Benchtops Brisbane

If you’re interested in acquiring a timber kitchen benchtop, our talented craftsmen can custom design the perfect feature for your home. Get in touch with our team at Buywood Furniture to find out more. And take a look at some of the custom benchtops we’ve designed for past clients.

While our workshop and furniture showroom are based in Brisbane, we ship across Australia. Our most popular shipping destinations include Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Mackay, Gladstone, Sydney, Adelaide & Melbourne, amongst many others.