Must-Have Pieces by Molmic Sofas

Must-Have Pieces by Molmic Sofas


Molmic, a Melbourne based furniture studio, designs truly luxurious sofas using only the best timbers and fabrics. Molmic shares many of the same values as Buywood, in that their high-quality pieces are handmade in Australia with the utmost attention to detail. Each of their creations has been designed to integrate seamlessly into everyday life, providing comfort and style to the Australian home.


The Ridley Chair

An effortlessly sophisticated occasional chair with a mid-century twist, the Ridley chair is a must-have piece for any home craving character. With the perfect balance between structure and relaxed comfort, this chair could easily fit into either a living room or the corner of a bedroom. The Ridley is begging for someone to curl up into it with a good book and a cup of tea.


The Shona Modular

Speaking of comfort, the Shona modular has been specifically designed for pure comfort and functionality. With fully reversible feather cushions and a customisable layout, this bestselling couch can be built to mould perfectly into your living space. Read more about the specifications of the Shona modular in this guide.


The Cypress Sofa

Oozing a sense of nostalgic class, the Cypress sofa is our final must-have piece by Molmic. Featuring thick Feathertop cushioning and resilient core seating, the sophisticated style of this sofa doesn’t make any compromises when it comes to support and comfort. Find out if the Cypress sofa is a match for your home by reading this detailed guide by Molmic.


See the Range of Molmic Sofas

Buywood Furniture is proud to be Queensland’s premier supplier of Molmic Sofas. Stop by our Alderley showroom in Brisbane to see a handpicked range of Molmic’s latest lounge furniture. We’re open from 9am-5pm weekdays and 10am-4pm on Saturdays. If you have any questions about Molmic’s sofas or Buywood’s custom timber furniture, please get in touch.