Inner City Furniture Trends of 2017

Inner City Furniture Trends of 2017


As more and more people move to apartments and townhouses near the city, design trends specific to inner city living are emerging. Here are some trends you’re likely to see in this year’s interior design magazines.


Little Corners of Peace

In a bustling city environment, homes with quiet little nooks to escape to are becoming more popular.  If you have a small room or even a corner of a large room you could convert, think about what you might need to turn this space into a modest retreat. Perhaps a comfortable occasional chair such as the Helsinki with shelving to store some beloved books might be just what you need to unwind.


Dark Tones

Darker pieces of furniture with rich brown and red tones are definitely becoming a trend in 2017, so keep an eye out for bold pieces made of timbers such as Jarrah or American Oak with dark stains, such as our Cherry dining table.  In home décor, dark green tones are on the rise, whether they’re present in decorative indoor plants or the upholstery on your dining chairs. These dark green cool tones perfectly complement the warm tones we’re seeing in our dark timber pieces.


Versatile Furniture

As inner city apartments become smaller and more expensive, the need to have versatile pieces of furniture is apparent. Smaller pieces of furniture that have the capacity to expand when needed are becoming creative and functional uses of space. Our Burke table is a great example of this – a medium sized dining table that can be built with extension capabilities for when you have more guests than usual.

Smart storage is also a great investment if you live in an apartment where space is at a premium. Walk in wardrobes can be custom built to fit into the smallest of spaces, with handy options such as seats to put on your shoes with built in storage underneath.


Upholstered Dining Chairs

To give your dining room a splash of colour, consider installing dining chairs upholstered with a statement colour or print. As stated above, dark green is becoming a great choice in 2017, or perhaps you have an occasional chair in your living room that you’d like your dining chairs to match with. Whatever you choose, having upholstered dining chairs will add character and comfort to a very important living area.


Mixing and Matching

First seen in 2016’s New York Fashion Week, the trend towards mixing patterns, materials and overall styles has been picked up by interior aficionados the world over. What does this mean for you? Don’t be afraid to mix contemporary with timeless, Moroccan with Scandinavian, dark timber with light timber and everything in between. Doing so will give your home a more casual, boho-chic vibe that is very much in style.


Chat to Professionals

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