How To Clean Wooden Furniture

How To Clean Wooden Furniture


Here at Buywood Furniture, we use a variety of sustainably sourced woods to design and custom make beautiful wooden furniture pieces for your home. Wood is known for being sturdy and long-lasting, provided it is looked after.

We use a 2 Pac finish on all of our pieces, so you won't have to do anything to maintain your items. When it comes to cleaning? As we use a variety of ethically sourced international and Australian timbers at Buywood, there is no one way to properly clean your wooden furniture. However, we do always recommend a simple and gentle approach.

Here are four key steps to cleaning your wooden furniture:

Step One: Beware of Spills

While Pac 2 is wonderful at protecting wood, it's water resistant - not waterproof. Wipe up any spills as soon as you notice them, as long periods of direct moisture contact may damage the finish. Keep a watchful eye out for leaks and wet patches left caused by vases, fish tanks, water bottles and the like.

Step Two: Remove Any Dust

Try using a slightly damp, microfibre cloth to remove all dust and surface grime. Unlike using a feather duster, this method prevents spreading airborne dust from one surface to another. One thing to remember with wooden furniture is that water is its enemy. So, make sure your cloth isn’t too damp and follow up with another dry, microfibre cloth to remove any excess moisture.

To avoid any dust build up, we recommend dusting the wood once a week with a microfibre cloth.

Step Two: Remove Sticky Spots

Try to avoid using harsh detergents on you Pac 2 furniture, or indeed any wooden furniture, as this may degrade the finish on your item.

If you come across any sticky spots on your wooden furniture, a weak solution of dish detergent and water should do the trick. Add a few drops of the soap to a glass of water and apply it with a microfibre cloth. Seeing as our pieces are all hand-polished, it is important to prevent any damage to the wooden furniture. Test a hidden spot with the solution to make sure it does not remove the finish. If all goes well, proceed with cleaning the rest of the wood. Once again, make sure the cloth isn’t too damp, and remove any excess moisture with a dry, microfibre cloth.

Step Three: Remove Stubborn Grime

For a deeper clean to remove any stubborn grime, we recommend using mineral spirits. Again, to avoid the risk of removing the finish, a spot test on an inconspicuous part of the wooden furniture is an absolute must. If no discolouration occurs, wipe the furniture down with a small amount of mineral spirits on a microfibre cloth. Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhalation of any fumes. Finally, rinse off the mineral spirits with a damp cloth, followed by a dry one to remove excess moisture.

Step Four: General Maintenance of Wooden Furniture

If you've purchased wooden furniture from Buywood, you will be happy to know that there is virtually nothing you need to do when it comes to maintaining your product. We use a 2 Pac Finish on all of our pieces. Not sure what 2 Pac Finish is? It is a two-part liquid set comprising of acrylic paint and melamine, and a hardener (Polyisocyanate Resin). This finish will keep your furniture well-protected and maintenance-free for several years.

Any Questions About Cleaning Your Wooden Furniture?

From our chairs to our bench tops and entertainment units, all of our wooden furniture is built to stand the test of time. However, caring for and using the correct cleaning methods above will ensure you get the most out of your wooden furniture  If you still need help with how to clean your wooden furniture from Buywood, our team are happy to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to get in touch.