How to Choose the Best Fabrics for Custom Upholstery

How to Choose the Best Fabrics for Custom Upholstery


Whether you're investing in new custom furniture, or giving some furniture you already own a refresh, when it comes to custom upholstery, the first thing people tend to think about is what colour to pick.

And while that is very important, there are also some additional factors which are equally, if not more important.

Here's everything you need to consider when choosing the best fabric for your custom upholstery job.

Style of Fabric

The style of fabric for your custom upholstery should complement the style of your home interior, as well as other decor.

Is it a formal room? A room for relaxing? What look are you trying to create? How big or small is the room?

Check that the fabric goes well with other items in the room. You may not want to pair say a leopard print chair in a room that also has deep green floral curtains.

The fabric should also suit the piece of custom furniture it is being used on in terms of style and character. For example, a more traditional print may look at odds with a more modern style chair and vice versa. This can work, however, if your items are designed to be accent pieces in your room, and they aren't having to compete with other 'accent' pieces. A small room might be overpowered by larger, bolder prints, whereas a larger room may not.

The key thing to note here is that you work within the look you are trying to create, and check it against your room before any selection is made.

Durability of the Fabric

Everyone wants their furniture to last as long as possible - the same should go for whatever custom upholstery you choose with it. The durability of the fabric will depend on a number of things, including where it is used (for example, inside or outside, in the bathroom or living room), how frequently it is used (daily? Or once a month), and who else might make the most of it (such as children or pets).

As a general rule, woven patterns and fabrics will last longer than ones that are printed on. Higher thread counts will last longer than those that have lower thread counts. This is because fabrics with a higher weave are more densely woven and therefore stronger.

Leather or even a microfibre fabric can generally withstand extra wear and tear. They can also be wiped down (particularly if treated), so they make a great option if your cavoodle is likely to jump up on it, or your two year old has mastered the art of food slinging.

The Colour of Your Fabric

There are many reasons colour of custom upholstery choice is important.

It needs to be a colour you love, but also one you are happy to live with for as long as it lasts. We suggest opting for neutrals such as cream, white, black, grey or tan for larger items (again, unless it's an accent item).

Also think about whether you want cool or warm tones. What sort of mood do you want to create? A deep red velvet dining chair cover will create a cosy, opulent vibe, while a white linen custom upholstery will create a space that's light and airy.

Other Things to Consider...

Different rooms of the house and different cities will have different things to consider when selecting custom upholstery. For example, a house in Brisbane might want to consider fade resistant fabrics to combat sunlight, or mildew resistant fabrics due to the humidity. If you have allergies, a fabric that's lint free and doesn't attract dust could help alleviate some symptoms.

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