6 Tips to Make Your Home Interiors Look Cohesive

6 Tips to Make Your Home Interiors Look Cohesive


Everyone wants to live in a home that feels unified and well thought out. Here are our tips on making sure your home interiors look cohesive.


Choose Colour Palettes

First up, decide on a colour palette for each room.  Choose 4-6 colours (both neutral and bold) and piece them together with paint swatches to make sure they complement each other. But keep in mind, you don’t need to have the same colour palette in each room. Map out a whole home plan to make sure each room has a personality of its own, so your home doesn’t end up looking like a display house.


Think About Sightlines

Speaking of a whole home plan, when you’re putting this together, think about sightlines from room to room. Can you see the kitchen from the living room? The entry from the dining room? Think about art or furniture items you could use to tie these rooms together, and avoid clashing colour palettes or textures.


Decide on a Focal Point

Once you’ve got a general idea of the furniture items and colours you’ll be using in each room, decide on the rooms’ focal point. This could be a statement rug, stunning piece of art, dining table or chandelier – anything that immediately draws the eye when you enter a room. Then, use it as a base for deciding on the other pieces you’ll add to the room. Make sure they subtly complement your focal point and don’t steal attention away from it.


Create Layers

The key to great interior design is to create layers. Layers of textures, materials, timbers, patterns and shapes give life and personality to a home. Don’t get caught up in making sure everything in a room matches. Instead, have fun creating layers and make sure each piece you add is something you really love.


Mix Old and New

Further to creating layers, we always recommend combining old and new pieces to make sure your home looks authentic. A smart mixture of vintage and contemporary design gives a home a lived in, homely feel that is hard to create with stock standard furniture sets.


Stick to a Singular Vibe

While we’re all for mixing old and new, vibrant and neutral, warm and cool, it’s important to have an overall vision for your home. Whether that’s ‘mid-century with contemporary finishes’ or ‘coastal-inspired cottage’, aiming for a cohesive vibe will allow you some flexibility when it comes to choosing individual pieces.

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