New Piece Feature | The Hastings Dining Table

New Piece Feature | The Hastings Dining Table


World Hastings, Hastings world.  One of our most recent additions to the showroom floor at Buywood is this dapper chap, Hastings.

Hastings has an effortless charisma.  Heavy gauge legs are solid not stolid, due to their smooth cylindrical finish and subtle tapering line.

The frame is rebated into the top of the dining table and creates very modern corners where sloping edges meet stylish curves.

This is a table that catches your eye, rather than poking it.  There is no screaming for attention, just a lifetime of reward as each sitting yields newly discovered complexity in the hand-sanded spotted gum grain.

The balance in weight between the thinner curved edge table top and the thicker cylinder legs creates a very versatile table, capable of hosting formal dinners and laughing get togethers with equal aplomb.

Come and meet Hastings for yourself at 78 Farrington Street, Alderley Brisbane.