Selecting Interiors for Warmer Climates – Furniture Brisbane

Selecting Interiors for Warmer Climates – Furniture Brisbane


Living in warmer parts of the world has its perks – weekend beach trips, endless summers and smaller heating bills. But enjoying this year-round heat comes with some additional factors to consider when selecting interiors for your home. Here is some info to help you choose furniture Brisbane and Queensland climates love.


The Queensland Climate

As the sunshine state, Queensland is home to four different climate zones – tropical, subtropical, hot arid and warm temperatures. Your interior decisions should reflect your local climate, so we’d suggest digging into research about the implications of your location. Brisbane is situated within the subtropical zone, which is characterised by its hot summers, cool winters and high humidity levels. Below we’ve gone into detail about the materials and colours that will make Brisbane homes all the more liveable.


The Right Fabric for Furniture Upholstery

Obviously, when tossing up between fabrics to upholster your furniture, you need to choose materials and patterns that blend in with the style of your home. But to narrow down your options and make the decision slightly easier, you should most definitely consider climate. In tropical and subtropical climates with high humidity, look for fabrics that are mildew-resistant. If you know your furniture will be getting some sunlight throughout the day, make sure the fabric is fade-resistant too. Also, choosing lighter fabric colours will contribute to a cooler indoor environment. Beyond that, the world’s your oyster!


Selecting Timber for Lifelong Furniture

Timber is a lightweight material highly suitable for warm climates. However, direct sunlight, humidity and air conditioning are all relatively harsh on timber and can potentially do permanent damage. To avoid this, make sure not to position your timber furniture directly under an air conditioner or somewhere that gets a lot of direct sunlight.

In terms of which timbers to choose, as with fabric, light coloured timbers will reflect instead of absorb heat, making them more suitable for homes in warm locations. Nevertheless, all timbers will work beautifully in Brisbane homes if the design and construction of the furniture is sound, so timber choice is really a matter of personal taste. We can customise all of our furniture Brisbane pieces with the timber variety and stain that you prefer.


Chat to the Experts

If you’d like to have a chat with a furniture design professional at an award winning furniture Brisbane workshop, we’d love to talk to you about the types of pieces that will best suit your circumstances. Give us a call on (07) 3352 3485 or email Otherwise, stop by our Alderley showroom to have a look at some of the furniture Brisbane pieces we offer, and get ideas about pieces you might like to have customised.