Our Most Loved Items of Furniture For Brisbane Homes

Our Most Loved Items of Furniture For Brisbane Homes


Ready to find some new favourite furniture in Brisbane?

Here's a list of just of some of the most-loved pieces of furniture for Brisbane homes. Loved by our customers - and by us!

Darling Dining Table

This Darling Dining table makes the list of favourite furniture for Brisbane households for a number of reasons. Firstly, we love a round dining table; there's no head of the table meaning everyone who sits there has equal opportunity to join the conversation, with no one at the 'head of the table'.

Additionally, the Darling is modern in design, featuring a round table top and geometric legs, yet timeless enough to remain a stylish site for conversation and meals for years to come. The item can be made in a variety of timbers, including recycled timber, rosewood, American oak, blackbutt, spotted gum and walnut.

Helsinki Armchair

Inspired by the creations of Scandinavian furniture craftsmen in the 50s, the Helsinki Armchair is a  firm favourite piece of furniture, proudly made by our Brisbane team. Constructed out of New Guinea hardwood, it's great to look at and great to sit in, due to its web-suspended seat system and upholstered cushions.

We can custom upholster the chair in a range of fabrics to suit your needs and tastes. Read our story on custom upholstery, or speak to our team in store.

Morrison Double Chair

The Morrison Double Chair is stylish, durable, and affordable, so it's no wonder its become a favourite piece of furniture in Brisbane homes.

Inspired by Eastern European Mid-Century design, the Morrison double chair is part of the Morrison collection, which includes a dining setting, and armchair and more. Match with other items in the collection, or mix with other styles for an eclectic look.

Timber Benchtops

More of a favourite permanent fixture than a favourite item of furniture in Brisbane, custom benchtops are as loved by us to create as they are by our customers who request them.

The American Oak Timber benchtop below in particular was crafted from American Oak timber, using traditional techniques, and featured a heavy backsaw grain, which produces some interesting patterns.

It was a stunning addition to an already stunning house, and truly makes for a durable, practical and sophisticated statement in any Brisbane house.

Custom Storage Units

The versatility of storage units made to fit makes them a favourite furniture item in Brisbane homes. Small or unusually-shaped loungeroom, large entertainment system to accomodate, or expansive collection of books/trophies/collectables? A custom storage unit can perform a multitude of tasks  - and can even designed to 'float' if floor space is at a premium.

Kept in its natural timber state, or painted like the beautiful piece we created below, the only limit is your imagination (and the space in your room!)

Discover your favourite furniture finds in Brisbane

Contact the Buywood Furniture team or speak to them in our Alderley showroom to find out what will suit your home, tastes and requirements or peruse the product galleries of our chairs, dining tables, benchtops and much more online.