Q. Where is the furniture made?

A. Right here in Alderley, 15 minutes from the centre of Brisbane city.

Q. What timbers do you use?

A. We can use any timber you wish, however we do use only solid hardwoods in both new and recycled.

Q. Can you match my existing furniture?

A. Yes we can and generally improve the functionality of the piece using modern hardware and joinery techniques.

Q. Can I change the design of your furniture in the showroom?

A. Yes that is what we do, its only limited buy your imagination and taste.

Q. Can I have a specific size to fit my home/workplace?

A. Yes at Buywood Furniture every piece is custom made and designed to fit you and your life style.

Q. How long does it take to make?

A. Generally the delivery time is 8-10 weeks from date arrival of materials and hardware. However if you need something urgently we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

Q. Can you deliver the furniture?

A. Yes Buywood Furniture not only makes the the most beautiful furniture but we can arrange delivery for anywhere within Australia and Overseas, no matter how difficult you think it maybe.

Q. Can I come and see you at the workshop?

A. Yes everybody is welcome to visit the workshop, however it has to be by appointment six days a week. The other option is to visit the showroom so you can touch and feel the quality of our furniture, open Tuesday to Saturday

Q. What do i need to bring with me to help design a piece of furniture for my home?

A. The design process is always easier if you can come armed with the some pictures of your room and existing furniture along with the size of the space in question.

Q. How long does the design process take?

A. We generally need a few hours to run through the options with timbers, fabrics and colours.