The Most Eco-Friendly Furniture Materials

The Most Eco-Friendly Furniture Materials


Eco-friendly furniture is furniture that has been created with minimal impact on the environment.

Whether you're after something custom-made or ready made, or you’re looking to furnish your house or apartment but want to make sure the products you pick minimise your environmental impact, our guide will help.

Here are some eco-friendly furniture materials you may want to consider.


Sustainable Wood

Wood is one of the sturdiest, most versatile and longest-lasting materials you can use for furniture. It’s also one of greenest choices available in the building industry due to the fact it grows naturally and is better for the environment.

But, if you’re after eco-friendly furniture that’s a little greener again, you may wish to opt for sustainable wood. Sustainable wood comes from sustainable forests that have been managed to the principles of sustainable development. These principles are based on preventing damage to eco-systems and wildlife, while respecting the rights and values of the local community as well as providing work opportunities.

In a sustainable forest, whenever trees are cut down, new seedlings are planted.


Recycled or Reclaimed Wood

Both recycled and reclaimed hardwood can make great eco-friendly furniture materials. But, not many people are aware of the difference between the two.

Recycled wood comes about when wood has been given up as waste, sometimes turned into wood chips or broken down and used to power homes, or returned or refinished to its former state and used for building materials. This is one of the greenest ways to produce eco-friendly furniture materials, and is popular in Australia. At Buywood, we offer recycled timbers in Jarrah, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Oak, Walnut, or any other high-quality hardwood.

Reclaimed wood, on the other hand, tends to be wood that has not been altered since its final state. It may come complete with nail holes are other markings it received in its initial life.

Both recycled timber and reclaimed timber tend to be full of character. This makes them ideal for key pieces in the home, like benchtops, a recycled timber table, or occasional item such as a chair or wine cabinet.


Purchasing Quality Furniture Can Translate to Eco-Friendly Furniture

Quality wood and timber furniture should last for years – decades even. If you’re buying furniture built to last, then you’re not going to be having to replace it often. Forests take many years to grow, but cheap furniture may only last you 5 years, if that.

And, if the fabric dates or deteriorates before the framework does, you can have quality furniture reupholstered to extend its life even further.


Buying Locally

The further your furniture has to travel to get to you, the more carbon miles it produces. The environmental cost of shipping your furniture from overseas is huge. It is estimated that shipping accounts for up to 4 percent of human-caused carbon emissions. Locally purchased pieces make for significantly more eco-friendly furniture, as you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and therefore your environmental impact. Our showroom and worskhop is located in Alderley in Brisbane, where we hand-make all of our work, with delivery available within Australia.

We have many sustainably sourced and recycled timber available. Get in touch with the Buywood Furniture team to chat about the wood we have available.