Custom Furniture Feature in Queensland Homes

Custom Furniture Feature in Queensland Homes


We have some exciting news! Last month, Buywood Furniture and some of our bestselling pieces were featured in Queensland Homes. The article focussed on the increasing popularity of custom furniture in Australia, and how Buywood fits into the picture of Queensland furniture makers.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“There’s never been a greater focus on artisan design for the home as so many of us become more aware of the social and environmental effects of mass production. So why not keep it local and consider having your furniture custom-made to ensure longevity and a perfect match for your style and home?

Queensland boasts some incredibly skilled furniture artisans doing incredible things with custom-made furniture, and the best of them can be found working for the Brisbane warehouse of Buywood Furniture.

Led by 4th Generation furniture maker Lee Kenny, Buywood has been producing wholly handcrafted, custom timber furniture and storage solutions for more than 40 years. The team is passionate about maintaining the art of woodworking (and good old-fashioned customer service) while embracing modern design elements into each of their award-winning pieces.

The custom design of furniture, the quality of the product and the fact it is manufactured in Brisbane is what sets Buywood apart from the more mass produced offerings on the market. Their signature is quality custom timber furniture, made to your exact requirements at a competitive price. And it’s a true labour of love – Buywood help customers design their own furniture to suit their requirements, be it dining tables and chairs, beds, bedside tables, coffee tables, stunning custom timber kitchen benchtops and bathroom vanities, office furniture, wine racks, and bookcases.

Clients can come into the workshop to see their furniture during the manufacturing process, and to meet and watch the artisans at work. Buywood is also proud to maintain the art of woodworking by passing on their knowledge to their carefully selected and dedicated apprentices, ensuring the fine art of furniture making is carried on into the future generations.”

Many thanks to Queensland Homes for the kind words! You can read the full write-up here.

If you have any questions about commissioning custom furniture, please contact our team or stop by our Alderley showroom. We deliver furniture across Australia and now offer ZipMoney  to provide approved customers with six months interest free on purchases up to $10,000.