Our Custom Furniture Isn’t as Expensive as You’d Think

Our Custom Furniture Isn’t as Expensive as You’d Think


We often hear misconceptions that custom furniture is reserved for people living in million dollar mansions. But the custom furniture made by the talented craftsmen at Buywood Funiture Brisbane isn’t as expensive as you’d think. Here’s why.

Our Furniture Is Built to Last

Unlike mass-produced, flat-packed furniture that might last a handful of years, our furniture pieces are built to last. It may seem cheaper to buy a $500 table instead of a $2,000 table. But if you’re replacing that table every 5 years, it won’t take long before the premium furniture becomes more economical.

We’ve written up a full examination of cheap furniture versus high-quality furniture. Read it in the article ‘how much does a cheap dining table really cost?


Choosing Furniture is a Big Decision

Selecting furniture of any kind is a massive decision that will have an impact on your everyday life for years, potentially decades to come. Your home should be a place you wholeheartedly love, leaving little room for poor decisions regarding furniture.

Some people fall into the trap of settling for furniture that could be described as ‘almost right’ for the look and feel they were chasing. If you think you’re at risk of doing the same, custom furniture might be your solution. While the upfront cost will be higher, most people would prefer to spend a bit more on furniture that fits seamlessly into their home rather than end up with a disappointing result that will need changing. Here are some of our tips on selecting the right furniture.


We Offer Various Levels of Customisation

The craftsmen at Buywood Furniture can create an entirely customised piece of furniture, taking your designs from scribbles, to sketches, to polished pieces of furniture. We create everything from custom kitchen benchtopsbathroom vanities and dining tables through to hat racks to match the vision of our clients.

However, we also offer furniture customisation to a lesser degree. Many of the pieces in our furniture range can be made in whatever size, timber and finish would best suit your home. While the furniture designs aren’t custom, the end result can be unique to your family and your home.


Interested in Custom Furniture?

If you’re interested in commissioning custom furniture, our team can design the perfect feature for your home. Get in touch with our team at Buywood Furniture to find out more.

While our workshop and furniture showroom are in Brisbane, we ship across Australia. Our most popular furniture shipping destinations include Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Mackay, Gladstone, Sydney, Adelaide & Melbourne, amongst many others.