Buying Your First Set of Dining Furniture Brisbane? Read This

Buying Your First Set of Dining Furniture Brisbane? Read This


Selecting a dining furniture set is a big decision, one that will last for decades if done carefully. While all of the dining furniture Brisbane pieces at Buywood Furniture are designed to last a lifetime, there are plenty of things to consider before choosing the dining furniture perfect for your home.


What Are Your Design Requirements

To figure out what your design requirements are, think about how this dining furniture will be used on a daily basis. Is this where your kids will do their homework after school? Where you’ll have dinner every night? If so, a solid, hardwearing timber will be best. For families with young children, perhaps non-upholstered timber chairs that are easier to clean would be preferable.

If you can’t find an existing table design that suits what you need, our talented craftsmen can custom design a dining table as per your requests. Learn more about our custom timber furniture process here.


Needing an Extension?

Another design requirement that’s important to consider before selecting dining furniture is how often you’ll need room for extra guests at the table. Christmas lunches and birthday celebrations are made a great deal easier by seamless extension tables. See our Burke extensionPearl extensionAbington extensionForbes extension and Oval Burbank extension table for inspiration.


Consider Size Carefully

Before you make your mind up on a dining table (especially an extension table) think carefully about the space you’re working with. Whatever size table you select should comfortably allow for chairs to move in and out. If your table is too big, you’ll risk making your dining space look considerably smaller, and far too cluttered.

If you’re unsure what dimensions will suit your home best, measure the space and bring in a few pictures to show our design team. They’ll be happy to give you some advice on what size table to choose, and which of our products can be customised to specific sizes.


Do You Need to Match Timber?

The final consideration to make before purchasing dining furniture is whether you have any other pieces in your dining/living area that might conflict with the timber of your dining set. By no means will you need to match multiple pieces exactly, but it’s important to think about whether the pieces are complementary in colour and finish. Again, if you have any questions, our furniture makers will be happy to answer them.


Buying Timber Furniture

Once you’re confident in your furniture specs, take a look at our range of dining tables and dining chairs. Almost all of these pieces can be customised to suit the needs of your home and your family. Get in touch with our team at Buywood Furniture to find out more.