The Benefits of Using Recycled Timber in Your Brisbane Home

The Benefits of Using Recycled Timber in Your Brisbane Home


With the world continuing to move towards a more sustainable future, using recycled timber Brisbane to create beautiful pieces of furniture is our way of contributing to a greener, healthier place to live. But, what is recycled timber? Well, we’ve all heard of the saying, “one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure”. Basically, it is wood that is salvaged and repurposed into something brand new like a beautiful benchtop, chair or entertainment unit.

The idea of including more sustainable materials in your home has definitely gained popularity over the last few years. Here are four benefits of using recycled timber Brisbane:

It Has Minimal Environmental Impact

The most obvious benefit of using recycled timber in Brisbane is that it is eco-friendly and sustainable. First of all, we are using what already exists, and therefore, taking measures to counteract deforestation. In general, wood contributes to the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions by storing carbon. Recycled timber benefits the environment by continuing to store carbon after being repurposed. Additionally, recycled timber Brisbane is an energy saver. It takes more energy to harvest, transport and dry a new piece of wood than it does to refurbish recycled timber.

It is Stronger and Sturdier Than New Wood

It might come as a surprise but, yes, recycled timber Brisbane is actually stronger than a new piece of lumber. Why? Over time, recycled wood is exposed to a variety of temperature and weather conditions, which causes it to expand and contract. This exposure removes excess moisture and dries out the wood, making it sturdy and long-lasting.

It is an Affordable Investment

We now know that recycled timber is long-lasting, but did you know it is also very affordable, and in some instances, cheaper than new wood? Not only can you create a piece of furniture that is of the highest quality, but you can get it at a great price. We would all love that!

It Adds Character to Your Furniture

If you are after furniture that is truly unique, then using recycled timber Brisbane is a move in the right direction. There is always a history or an interesting story behind each piece of wood. With its own distinct markings and textures, you can truly create furniture that will bring character into your home.

Need Help Deciding What Recycled Timber To Use in Your Brisbane Home?

At Buywood Furniture, we offer a number of eco-friendly wood options including Jarrah, Spotted Gum and Oak. If you’d like to know more about what recycled timbers to use in your Brisbane home and how we can custom make a piece of furniture for your home, feel free to get in touch.