Bedroom Furniture Brisbane for Small Spaces

Bedroom Furniture Brisbane for Small Spaces


Wondering how to make your bedroom feel larger than it really is? Here’s how to choose bedroom furniture to create a functional and peaceful room, without needing much floor space.


Don’t Buy a Bigger Bed Than You Need

This almost goes without saying, but downgrading from a King size to a Queen size bed can do wonders for the appearance of a small space. Not to mention, a smaller bed can make a bedroom much more functional. Especially for kids’ rooms, using a single bed opens up a great deal of possibilities as to how you can utilise the rest of the space. Perhaps you can add a desk to the bedroom, or a beautiful chest of drawers for extra storage.


Consider Built-In Storage

If your bedroom space doesn’t have room for something like a chest of drawers, but you’re in need of more places to store belongings, think about purchasing a bed with built-in storage.

Our Zen bed is often built with two large drawers on either side of the bed, just under the wooden slats. This way you can keep your bedroom tidy and peaceful, without the hassle of finding places for storage boxes. All of our bedroom furniture designs are fully customisable with whatever storage solutions you require.


Use Raised Furniture Pieces

A lesser known interior design tip for making spaces feel larger is to pick furniture items with legs that lift the majority of the piece off the floor. The piece doesn’t have to be raised more than a few centimeters – as long as it’s off the floor, it will make the room feel much more open.


Think About a Custom Bedroom Suite

If you’re wanting to avoid cluttering your bedroom with bedside tables, or you simply don’t have the space, it might be best to consider having a custom bedroom suite designed. Plenty of beds are now built with shelving on either side of the headboard, to provide the functionality of bedside tables but with the seamlessness of combining multiple pieces of furniture into one.

Our team of custom furniture makers can work with the exact dimensions and functionality requirements you have to design the perfect piece of furniture for your home. We’ll take transform your ideas from sketches to designs, to handcrafted pieces of Australian timber furniture.


Interested in Bedroom Furniture Brisbane?

If you’d like to purchase a piece from our bedroom furniture Brisbane collection, or you’d like to enquire about commissioning a custom-made bedroom suite, please get in touch with our team, or visit our workshop and showroom in Alderley.

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