6 Interior Tips to Organise Your Home

6 Interior Tips to Organise Your Home


Whether you've bought your new forever home, purchased your first flat, or just need to revamp your current living space, there are lots of interior tips and tricks you can use to organise your space.

Need help? Take a look at our 6 interior tips to organise your home, and make it feel like a functioning, homely abode.

1. Get Rid of Things You Don't Need

Now, Marie Kondo has probably told you this already, but the first of our interior tips is probably the easiest way to organise your home. If it doesn't have a purpose, you don't love or need it, and it is taking up space, then it's probably not worth keeping.

2. Make Sure Everything Has a Home

When it comes to interior tips, this is an important one. Every decorative and non-decorative item in the house needs a place it can consistently call home. A great way to achieve this is to ensure you have enough storage to store the things you need. Having storage cabinets custom-built to fit the space of your home will you ensure there are enough shelves and cupboards for all your items. For smaller items, use baskets, or nice wooden or linen-covered boxes to keep things neat, and make sure you store like items together.


3. Go For Larger Statement Pieces of Furniture to Decorate a Room

The third on our list of interior tips is all about using larger pieces of furniture to make a statement in a room, rather than fill the space with lots of small decor. A classic lounge suite or beautiful oak entertainment unit in a lounge room, or stunning walnut timber dining table in the dining area speaks volumes and opens up a space that smaller items would make look cluttered. Having less items to vacuum and dust around also means cleaning is going to be less of a chore!


4. Opt for Doors to Hide Stuff Behind

All of these interior tips are to make your life much easier, and while this one may seem a little like cheating, it's used and recommended by all the top interior stylists. If you have lots of things you don't want on display (like paperwork, computer games and old recipe books) go for furniture with doors. While we suggest aiming to keep it organised behind the doors, the reality is, your house is for living in, and your electronic devices and bills are there for function, not aesthetics. Like they say: out of sight, out of mind!


5. Make Your Furniture Work Harder

If you need storage for a small flat or space to work with, you can make just about all of your furniture work harder. Storage space can be built into just about any item of custom-built furniture, including wardrobes, beds (headboards and bases), benches, and coffee tables. If you want to know if storage can be built into a particular piece of furniture, just ask!


6. Use the Wall for Space

This can be one of the most overlooked interior tips, but it's incredibly effective in helping to organise your space. Utilise the wall space in your home. Floating shelves can be built in along walls and in corners of just about every room of the house. Think about spaces above the bed, above the kitchen benches, and above the toilet. To make your walls work even harder, hooks can be added to hallways to hang keys, hats and coats, while hooks in the bedroom will be useful for scarves, belts and ties. These can be hung of the back of bedroom doors, or inside wardrobes to be kept out of sight.


Want More Interior Tips?

If you'd like to find out more about the process or how custom furniture can help you organise your home, contact the Buywood Furniture team, or check out some of our previous projects and creations or our story on furniture blogs we love for inspiration.